The Education Review

Education Review publishes peer-reviewed book reviews of educational scholarship and practice since 1998. As such, this journal keeps scholars, academic leaders, and policymakers abreast of developments by drawing upon and expanding knowledge in global educational studies. With its core focus being the globalisation of society itself and globalisation affecting educational systems worldwide; Education Review strives for greater critical engagement, interrogation, innovation research encompassing multiple perspectives within this area of scholarship and practice through multidisciplinary investigations that embrace diverse contexts within education research.

This interdisciplinary journal publishes research that is cutting-edge, original, and theoretically informed on all aspects of higher education. The journal fosters strong social justice agendas as well as innovative methodological approaches while remaining committed to making its work accessible to all interested parties.

Its primary function is to support UNESCO’s mission of strengthening educational authorities at national levels by offering independent assessments of their strengths and weaknesses with regards to Education for All/Education 2030 objectives, encouraging international debate, and providing a basis for direct technical assistance from UNESCO.

This journal accepts high quality research papers that make an invaluable contribution to our understanding of learning across formal and informal educational settings, including schools, universities and workplaces. It encourages empirical studies, theoretically driven conceptual papers, research syntheses as well as those with clear policy implications to be submitted; its broad remit covers all aspects of formal and informal educational sectors from around the globe and is open for submissions of this type.

Whiteness and Education publishes manuscripts that advance critical thinking in the study of Whiteness in education. The journal strives to stimulate scholarly debate, assist with the creation and testing of new theories and methodologies, as well as promote research that is pertinent and significant in understanding how Whiteness is constructed and deployed in educational contexts. Furthermore, this journal supports work which examines racism, privilege, power dynamics as well as intersecting oppressions (race class gender ethnicity religion etc).

Education in Society is the leading international journal dedicated to comparative and international educational studies, having pioneered this area for over seventy years. Over this time, its contributors have established itself as key resources for educators, researchers, students, policymakers and others involved in education research. International editorial team strives to advance intellectual inquiry, debate and discovery on education globally. Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University publishes it for Comparative and International Education Society members automatically; print edition is also available online; published four times annually.

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