Automotive Review – Why Dealerships Should Be Embracing Reviews

Automotive Review is an open access journal covering all aspects of automobile technology. Published quarterly online by MDPI and indexed in leading academic databases, Automotive Review serves as an indispensable source for current information related to various automobile related topics and provides researchers, engineers, academicians and industrialists working in this field.

Reviews provide customers with insight that manufacturers cannot: how cars actually perform for real buyers in daily use. Reviews help potential buyers cut through any marketing hype found on car websites and make informed decisions when researching vehicles. Reviews should be an integral part of this research process and dealerships should embrace them fully as part of the sales process.

The key to making reviews accessible and visible for all customers is making them visible; Volvo and Vauxhall excel in this regard, while Kia stands out by making reviews one of their primary features on individual car pages.

Respond to reviews in an effective and positive manner. Even when responding to negative reviews, polite and non-defensive replies demonstrate your dedication to customer care, while at the same time showing you care about their experience and are willing to resolve any issues they encounter. When responding to any such negative reviews it can also be beneficial for them to contact the dealership directly and discuss their grievances directly with an employee – offering this direct line can go a long way toward stopping further escalation of negative comments and feedback.

Positive reviews alone aren’t enough, and dealers must close the loop by delighting customers in-store as well. Even if everything has gone according to plan until a customer submits a review, but then leaves feeling unhappy, this could be enough to ruin any long-term relationship between you and them. Take the time to create memorable customer experiences so they’ll leave reviews that promote more sales; doing this right could even keep competitors from taking your customers.

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