A Review of Pet Review

Pet Review is the newest app from Rover, the world’s largest network for pet sitting and walking services. This convenient way for dog walkers, sitters, pet parents and clients alike to leave feedback after each visit provides dog walkers, sitters and parents a way to provide feedback easily after each visit is over. In addition to feedback options for each visit, there are also scheduling reminders, client reminders, pet information tracking tracking features as well as taking photos during each visit to share with clients and share via messaging services such as text messaging platforms such as WhatsApp! Available both Android and iOS platforms

Pets provide many advantages for people living with mental health conditions, as evidenced by qualitative and quantitative research studies highlighting their presence in homes and communities and more recently quantitative ones supporting this claim [1, 2]. Furthermore, numerous studies support pets as social companions that provide opportunities to practice self care as well as comfort knowing someone will remain by your side should you experience mental health crises [3, 4].

Though evidence of positive impacts from pet ownership is abundant, there remain several limitations in our current knowledge base. First, quality was varied among included studies and number was small. Second, no randomised controlled trials addressing how pet ownership impacts on diagnosed mental health problems was available as comparison measures across populations or study designs was also an obstacle.

Though they faced limitations in gathering the data, the authors were still able to discern patterns within it that demonstrate how pets can positively impact mental health in their owners. Future studies are needed to investigate this relationship further and consider all outcomes of how pets improve mental wellbeing.

Though its use as an effective tension-building device might seem extreme, there’s no doubting its effectiveness here. Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings) does a stellar job of selling it; Ksenia Solo makes her character extremely relatable as their captive.

Overall, Pet is an engaging horror film that takes an unconventional approach to horror cinema and provides some captivating and satisfying entertainment. While its content may be too intense for general audiences, fans of horror should absolutely check it out!

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