What the Health Review Is All About

Health Review is an open access journal dedicated to all clinical aspects of health sciences. It publishes comprehensive and readable reviews of research literature on a particular topic with the goal of providing new insights for clinicians. Review articles are used as part of updating knowledge, developing guidelines and recommendations for diagnosis and treatment; typically they cover an overview of etiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation (signs and symptoms), differential diagnosis, goals (medical/surgical therapy/laboratory evaluation/diagnostic imaging), prognosis and prevention.

What the Health uses grotesque images to frighten its audience, yet several health claims it makes aren’t supported by hard science. Instead, What the Health relies heavily on weak epidemiological data and case studies of one or two individuals as evidence; furthermore it groups all sugars together which is misleading since there’s a significant distinction between the amount of sugar found in an antioxidant-rich blueberry and that found in soda pop.

Though the movie makes some valid points, it fails to present an impartial and balanced account of food benefits and risks. Instead, it appears biased towards vegan advocacy without considering that many Americans lack either the skills or financial means necessary for eating solely plant-based diets; furthermore it doesn’t address potential health hazards from becoming carb-dependent.

Healthcare professionals rely on efficient and effective medical review processes to enhance patient outcomes, revenue cycles and allow healthcare providers to focus on delivering high quality care. In response to changing healthcare needs and regulatory changes, robust yet agile review processes must also be developed and deployed quickly – this is where BHM offers its innovative review framework with services offering ongoing feedback, consultation and timely intervention. Click HERE to discover more!

OECD Reviews of Public Health provide in-depth analyses to assist countries in strengthening their priorities and increasing their capacities to respond to global threats, including unhealthy diets and obesity, harmful alcohol use, as well as improving national health systems’ effectiveness and efficiency. The Universal Health and Preparedness Review serves as a voluntary peer review mechanism which assists Member States with creating stronger national capacities to prevent and respond to health emergencies more rapidly.

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