What Is Auto Review?

Auto Review is an innovative, free, and user-friendly app that makes taking pictures of any object or document effortless, quickly enabling users to check its alignment, focus, color etc. Instantaneously! This feature can be particularly beneficial to photographers or anyone needing to quickly and accurately check their work quickly and accurately – available both Android and iOS devices.

This app also features various customization features. Users can select their background for auto-review, set the display time they prefer, as well as change brightness/contrast of any image displayed.

Auto Review stands out from similar apps by enabling users to select multiple images to compare side by side. Furthermore, this app can also be remotely accessed by connecting it to a computer – making this an excellent way of checking image quality remotely from their laptop and making sure their photos and documents are perfect before sending them off to clients.

Auto Review only supports JPEG files and cannot detect text. As this means the app will only identify images instead of texts, it’s essential that documents are formatted correctly prior to uploading them for Auto Review to work effectively.

Auto Review stands out from similar apps by being able to automatically rotate and crop images for you, which is especially helpful when working with long, complex documents. Plus, Auto Review saves images into folders to make finding them later easier!

Auto Review can also be invaluable when working with multiple people on a project. For instance, editing video footage requires keeping track of all changes made over time; with Auto Review you can automatically check and approve each one – helping streamline workflow while guaranteeing accuracy of changes made.

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