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The Role of Arts and Culture in Building Strong Cities

Since experts began studying the role of arts and culture in shaping strong cities, researchers have examined its effect. Most studies focus on the economic benefits that large venues such as museums or performing arts centers bring by drawing visitors from out-of-town as well as college educated “creatives”. Newer research also indicates that arts make cities more desirable places for residents to live by improving quality of life.

The study was carried out by the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, the Urban Institute, and Reinvestment Fund – three entities dedicated to urban community development financing from Philadelphia. Researchers conducted extensive analyses on New York’s neighborhood cultural ecosystem, which encompasses creative nonprofits and for-profits, entertainment venues, news outlets, bookstores, artists and other local businesses that contribute to its vibrant culture and economy. The study revealed that arts and culture activities within the city had an enormously beneficial effect on local residents in multiple ways, from job creation and revenue generation for small businesses, supporting social cohesion and strengthening neighborhoods to contributing to education and health-related wellbeing of its populace.

Art and Culture Review from Forever Dog Podcast Network examines current trends in film, music, TV and jazz with on-the-spot reviews and lively conversations with guests. Hosted by Clay Tatum, Whitmer Thomas and Rod Berry with musical accompaniment from a Casio keyboard.

Maud Lewis’s paintings at the National Gallery of Australia reflect her affection for nature while at the same time conveying her sense of despair over humanity’s tenuous place in this world. Two Girls in White stands out as a central piece, portraying two sisters living at home along with their dog; it also captures an era that transformed Australian outback into consumer goods and intellectual property markets.

Google Arts & Culture became famous due to its art selfie feature, but it’s an invaluable resource for learning about history, culture, and the people who have helped shape our modern world. Children of any age can use it to learn about different cultures around them while exploring our planet together – but parents must be mindful that some content could be offensive or disturbing in terms of sexuality and nudity; therefore it’s best to discuss any content before downloading an app with your child.

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