Pentagram Launches New Brand Identity and Editorial Design for Technology Review

Technology Review is an internationally-recognized media company known for providing insightful analyses, reviews, interviews and commentary that sheds light on the commercial, social and political ramifications of new technologies. Pentagram created a new brand identity and editorial design for this publication that underscores their dedication to responsible journalism while reinforcing their innovative spirit.

With digital transformation rapidly underway in our global society, questions that arise surrounding it continue to increase exponentially. MIT Technology Review scholarship explores these complex topics to encourage informed discussions that shape our collective future.

Since 1899, The Technology Review magazine was published under R. Bruce Journey under its original name of The Technology Review; since 1998 it has been edited independently of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ownership but remains independent editorially. Bimonthly issues focus on emerging technologies affecting our lives and societies while exploring theories and practices associated with starting up technology businesses, connecting readers to thought leaders in academia, industry, government and communities.

The article addresses both challenges and opportunities associated with using student engagement research in an increasingly technological learning environment. A review of existing research on student engagement reveals significant gaps in our knowledge of how students engage with and use technology for learning purposes. To address these gaps, the authors propose several solutions that could advance this field, including developing pedagogically sound justifications for technology use within learning environments as well as increasing emphasis on this type of inquiry.

At MIT Technology Review, our editors recognize the uncertainty surrounding higher education’s future as an opportunity to explore its challenges and opportunities, providing essential discussions among readers. To do this effectively, they welcome submissions of research, commentary and news that examines its effects in various subject areas.

Writing a Technology Review is an effective way for academics to share their deep expertise on a particular technology with the wider research community. While most journals provide guidelines for this genre of article writing (such as word count or scope limits), these may leave potential writers feeling confused as how best to structure a successful piece.

This article introduces a straightforward and effective framework for writing a Technology Review. This model can serve as a guide in organizing and structuring your Technology Review so it is clear, concise, and highlights all important aspects of your work.

All software and technology that will be utilized at the University of Iowa must go through a Security Review process in order to minimize duplication, ensure the appropriate licenses are in place, assess risk and limit risk. To submit new tools for review please follow this link and fill out this form; should any questions arise about the Security Review process please reach out directly to your department IT person(s).

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