Lifestyle Review


A lifestyle review provides an opportunity to examine one’s life objectively. Topics may range from revisiting an uncomfortable past experience, or reflecting upon major achievements and failures, to reviewing one’s personal philosophy, family history or historical event – to reflecting upon one’s values, attitudes, beliefs as influenced by location, culture of area, social trends, economy and family and peer influences.

Bell (1958), Rainwater Coleman Handel Handel (1959) and Havinhurst Feigenbaum (1959) first introduced lifestyle marketing literature during the late 1950s; however, none provided an explicit definition of their terms. Lazer (1963) first introduced an explicit definition of lifestyle into marketing literature, which continues to serve as the prevailing interpretation. At its core, lifestyle refers to patterns of overt behavior (behavioral segmentation) and internal evaluative aspects of personality, including values, attitudes, opinions beliefs and interests (cognitive style). Logical and complementary aspects of the concept exist between these two aspects, which can be effectively utilized via sequential segmentation. Problematic in conventional definitions and operationalizations of this concept is that its assumptions include an equal balance between overt behaviors and cognitive styles, which does not correspond with contemporary research findings regarding their respective importance. A solution lies in differentiating behavioral from cognitive components of this concept.

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