How to Use the SFU News Review Resource

News Review is a resource designed to teach students the language used in newspapers and how to read them, while at the same time improving vocabulary skills and speaking about events more freely.

Newspaper reviews are used to share an author’s experience of a restaurant, film or service with readers. Such reviews tend to be highly subjective and often use descriptive elements in order to recreate an experience for readers. In contrast to book reviews (see below), which offer academic critique of subjects being discussed, newspaper reviews serve more as public relations pieces to bring awareness of something which might otherwise remain unknown to most readers.

News in society serves to inform its constituents about activities which could impact them personally or make them feel connected with their community, often at local level but can include events happening elsewhere such as other cities or countries. News offers people insight into different cultures and lifestyles while entertaining and informing.

SFU provides multiple databases which systematically archive news from both traditional print and online sources, making it easy to locate articles using titles and lead paragraphs as search terms. Although search engines such as Google News may help, their scope can yield many off topic results; to reduce this problem, utilize one specifically tailored for news archives as well as search terms derived using inverted triangle writing techniques or use specific databases designed for this purpose.

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