How to Get the Most Out of Business Review

Business Review offers everything you need to advance your business, marketing efforts or simply gain more of an understanding of world events. Each issue of Business Review contains articles written by some of the finest minds in business – covering topics ranging from industry news and trends to strategies you can implement to expand your own venture – including how to make smart investments, build a culture of success and keep pace with technology.

Articles are organized into several categories to make searching easy for what you’re after. Popular categories include topics on leadership, marketing and technology – with no additional costs to accessing it! Getting access to information you need doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg!

Business Review magazine was first published by Harvard University Press in 1926 and now appears bimonthly. As one of the oldest and most prestigious business journals in America, its focus lies at the intersection of management and business. Well known for its coverage of emerging fields like e-commerce and business analytics; additionally it covers various subjects including economics and international affairs as well as interviews with key businesspeople.

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are meetings held quarterly to review key metrics and goals. QBRs offer service providers an effective means of regularly communicating with their customer base while setting expectations for the coming quarter. QBRs can help reduce customer churn by keeping all parties on board regarding the value of services being utilized by clients.

Conducting a successful QBR can be difficult. Finding the time, preparing an agenda and giving an impressive presentation may all prove difficult tasks – all the more reason that your clients likely have other service providers competing for their time; your challenge should be to show that your services are worth their investment!

LoginRadius Customer Success Managers can take advantage of our Product Experts’ knowledge of CIAM to demonstrate its potential and how it can streamline QBRs. Make an appointment now for a demo!

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