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How to Build a Strong Real Estate Review Collection

Home ownership is one of the biggest financial transactions people will ever undertake in their lifetime, so consumers need an agent they can trust with expert knowledge and reliability. When searching online reviews and testimonials to help select an agent, prospective clients often turn to review platforms in search of trustworthy reviews which could boost an agent’s reputation and bring more business their way.

Recent research by Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center indicates that 62% of buyers choose real estate professionals based on online reviews. Buyers take into consideration an agent’s professional reputation, negotiation skills, experience, personal references and speed of service when selecting their agent – in other words having an impressive review collection is key to both attracting new clients as well as keeping existing ones satisfied.

Many agents struggle to collect real estate reviews regularly. Some ask their clients after closing for feedback, while others lack an efficient system in place for gathering these reviews – leading them to see inconsistent review collections over time and fail to see an increase in client referrals that they deserve.

Good news is there are effective and straightforward strategies available for collecting real estate reviews from your clients and customers. Email marketing automation offers one such means; using post-close emails with links directly to their preferred review site allows clients to write their review during the closing process, and ensures you capture it all.

Google My Business also allows you to set up a form for clients to complete when searching online for real estate agents, with reviews linking back directly to your website for easier review-writing experience for prospective and current clients.

React to negative real estate reviews immediately to show you are listening and that you care about their experiences, while it also serves as a great opportunity for improvement of services in the future.

Establishing an extensive collection of real estate reviews is the ideal way for agents to promote their services and build trustworthiness with potential buyers. By following these tips, real estate agents can easily improve their online reputation and attract more business. And with Cloutly as their partner, agents can more easily create an efficient review collection system to capture more customer and client reviews for real estate sales transactions. Cloutly allows you to customize your campaign, send and follow-up on reviews, showcase them on your website and track performance over time so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your online presence. Take a free trial today – no credit card necessary.

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