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Home Improvement Review – Tim Allen Presents: A User’s Guide to Home Improvement

Home Improvement was a ratings winner for eight seasons during the ’90s, continuing to charm audiences even in syndication and DVD release. The series boasted strong comedy writing and an outstanding cast led by Allen’s gifted comedic performance; Tim and Jill shared an excellent relationship; Brad, Randy, and Mark played their respective parts well; while Wilson the intellectual neighbor provided plenty of comic relief through his hilarious misinterpretations of home improvement projects.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas left Tool Time’s cast during its eighth season to focus on academic studies, only sporadically appearing in archived footage and as a guest star in archived episodes. In 2003, however, all four original cast members reunited for Tim Allen Presents: A User’s Guide to Home Improvement special with clips from Tool Time episodes as well as tips and an interactive Q&A session hosted by Allen with Richard Karn, Casey Dunning and Debbe Dunning serving as guests along with terminally ill Earl Hindman providing voice-over voice-over voice-over for Wilson character Wilson voice-over work (plus terminally ill Earl Hindman providing voice over work for Wilson voice-over). Additionally this special also contained behind-scene footage from each taping of Tool Time special as well as behind-scene footage showing behind-scene bloopers from each taping.

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