Fitness Review – A Review of Fitness+ on the Apple Watch

Fitness+, Apple’s streaming exercise app, is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPad owners (it will expand to other devices by autumn 2022). However, its promise makes a compelling argument to switch sides. Most importantly, this workout service fully integrates with Apple Watch as well as other Apple gear such as Macs and TVs, making exercise an easier daily habit.

Workouts from this app span across several categories, such as HIIT, yoga, core strength and strength training – as well as sessions you can do on cardio machines like treadmills, bikes and rowers – with some using bodyweight only or simple equipment such as dumbbells and yoga mats for added resistance. Furthermore, there’s even a dedicated beginner section offering short and easy classes suitable for anyone.

Each class features an Apple Music playlist to enhance the video’s immersiveness, and many instructors refer back to certain songs during workouts for motivation purposes – creating an unforgettable experience.

Stats from an Apple Watch such as time, calories burned and heart rate are displayed during a workout on-screen, but can be disabled to make it more immersive. While they will still track and log your session – along with showing your activity rings throughout – they also provide live data to show just how hard you’re working during that workout using something known as a burn bar.

Although there may be an initial learning curve associated with using the app and it might appear basic compared to rival offerings, it makes exercise far more accessible than it otherwise would have been. Most workouts are easy to follow, though you may experience arm fatigue post workout – nonetheless they all aim to help you work up a sweat!

Apple also includes a workout playlist in their app that you can set to play through your phone speakers while working out, which features classic rock, hip hop and dance genres as well as more in the future.

Fitness+ is free with any compatible Apple Watch device; for the optimal experience, we suggest upgrading to iOS 11 on either an iPhone or iPad. One of our favorite Fitbit devices, the Charge 5, offers GPS for outdoor workouts as well as color screen, electrocardiogram function, sleep, exercise and activity tracking capabilities and also has a Daily Readiness Score to tell if you’re physically ready to begin exercising or not.

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