Fishing Review – The Fisherman – Fishing Planet

Fishing games have never been an easy genre to make exciting. Transforming an activity that often entails sitting for long stretches with little action into a videogame can be difficult; yet The Fisherman – Fishing Planet has tried with mixed success.

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is an exclusive Switch title that uses motion controls as a way to make fishing more engaging. After going through an uninspiring tutorial and mastering its mechanics, players venture out onto various bodies of water with occasional quicktime events to keep things interesting – before fishing until 3PM rolls around again!

At the dock, you can upgrade your fishing equipment and purchase a boat in order to make fishing more efficient. There are also some basic crafting and cooking mechanics you can take advantage of at this point; but these really just exist as fillers until 3PM hits!

Explore the world and unlock other special areas to expand your horizons, from nighttime squid fishing to exploring mutated aberrations at risk of losing your mind; the rewards for these explorations may often double or even triple those from regular fish-catching. Maximizing Baitcoin earnings is an integral component of gameplay here!

Fishing’s audiovisual presentation is just about passable, featuring gorgeous landscapes and decent fish models. Unfortunately, its framerate can become unstable at times with some noticeable judder as you fish and reel in, as well as occasional glitches such as water seeping through to clip through your boat hull’s bottom; though this issue usually only arises with minor elements of gameplay.

Fishing is an entertaining title for short bursts of entertainment. A solid fishing simulation, it offers some RPG-like progression but ultimately falls flat due to mediocre motion controls and boring visuals. For an alternative experience, consider Stardew Valley instead.

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